NASA Director: Moon Has “Unearthly Ungerground Structure”

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Before getting into the NASA Director’s statement, there is a…

Historical Backstory

September 1945: After more than six years of bloodshed and turmoil, World War II came to a sudden end. As early as 1943 back-room strategists had already begun plans to end the no-longer profitable war they had created, and plans started unrolling for post-war global affairs.

In-the-know power mongers were well aware that the Nazis had already developed advanced space technologies such as anti-gravity, non-explosive space propulsion, and had even traveled to the moon, Mars, and far beyond. Much of the early Nazi space research had been conducted by and stolen from a beautiful woman scientist, whom you can read about in The Inventor of Anti-Gravity & Space Propulsion: Maria Orsic.

For several years before war’s end, influential politicians and businessmen in the military technology sector had begun secret negotiations with top German Nazi scientists to have them relocate to America to help start up what would later be known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Spies were sent to Germany to conduct these negotiations, and some historians surmise that before war’s end some of these coveted scientists were even secretly flown overseas for in-person negotiations – to be wined and dined in lands so willing to welcome them there to start their new post-war life. Other major powers such as Russia and England were also conducting the same such negotiations well before the war ended.

This massive pool of rocket scientists and engineers created by the Nazi secret space program was an attractive target for post-war industrialists and financiers.

Operation Paperclip

Upon war’s end on the American side, “Operation Paperclip” immediately came into full swing, and within a short time thousands of ex-Nazi scientists took up residence in their former enemy’s land. In the US the telephone book directories in cities such as Las Vegas (near Nevada’s secret Roswell space research centers) swelled with German names.

One of these many German names belonged to Hitler’s top Nazi rocket scientist. This same man directed the development of the infamously terrifying Vergeltungswaffe (“Vengeance Weapon”) V-1 and V-2 rockets. This man’s rockets were assembled in secret underground factories by thousands of poor souls conscripted to slave labor – many of them formerly the common citizens of the lands occupied by the Nazi war machine. Many of them worked in these factories until their death. After assembly, these rockets were then aimed towards and launched at England, where they terrified and destroyed the morale of the people of Britain.

This deadly rocket scientist’s name was Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun.

Via the workings of Operation Paperclip, von Braun would would later become…

NASA’s First Marshall Space Center Director

Yes, a former Nazi was NASA’s first Director. There is much more that can be said about this, but…

Let’s return to the fact that he let us know in an offhand way that the moon is hollow and has strange underground structures.

Spacecraft Moon Crashes

In the March 1970 edition of Popular Science, a magazine then commonly found in the households of scientifically minded individuals, von Braun reported on some interesting characteristics of the moon conducted during the exploratory moon missions.

Among his most curious statements was that after deliberately crashing a part of the Apollo 12 rocket onto the moon’s surface, von Braun declared:

The moon rang like a bell for nearly an hour, indicating some strange and unearthly underground structure.”

Have a look at the actual magazine article excerpt:

At the time of this article’s reporting, the link to von Braun’s statement may be found here:

How Apollo 13 Will Probe the Moon’s Interior

On the chance this article is later moved or deleted on the original site, see screen captures of the original article:

Courtesy Popular Science
Courtesy Popular Science
Courtesy Popular Science


These decades later, it’s curious the see the information about von Braun’s statements. When doing a web search on the phrase “von braun moon rang like bell”, these are some of the results.


  • Sure this is old news, but really important. So why isn’t there any ongoing investigation and discussion on this topic?
  • What is the “unearthly underground structure” von Braun mentioned?
  • Is the moon really the unremarkable ball of stone they say it is in school classrooms and news reports?

– John Helios – Star Nations News℠ Editor

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