Planetary Defense Force, Mars Germans, Secret Space Program (SSP) – James Rice

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Interview of SSP soldier Jason Rice. Among many things discussed: “Specialised training was involved in how to react to the sight of large reptilian type aliens beings. Plans and agreements had to be drawn up because our moon was already occupied. Now with bases on the planet Mars, there are new challenges. Incredible disclosure on a space program far beyond secret!”


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Interview notes:

1991 Agreement – Via the 1991 Agreement, an arrangement was made between the cabal and those who are now referred to as the “Mars Germans”. The agreement allowed Mars Germans to break their lunar rental agreement with the Draco Reptilians and move from their bases in Antarctica and the moon out to Mars. In late 1980s, the cabal wanted to set up a base on the moon, but all available space was already taken up. The Mars Germans arranged the cabal to take over the base rental and LOC on the moon. Other breakaway terms the Mars Germans needed to provide to the Draco-Reptilians included battalions for Draco use as they saw fit.

Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces (IDRF) – Established after the 1991 Agreement, the IDRF was set up by the cabal military on the moon. Made up of soldiers from various countried and backgrounds, only higher ranking officer positions were allowed to be occupied by Mars Germans.

Jason Rice received training first on Earth, the moon, Mars, and on spacecraft.

Mars is desert-like, has many other species living there. Saw huge wedge-spaced ships. Says according to conversations with Johan Fritz, Mars German colony populations number approximately 3 million.

Some of the many factions of SSPs include but are not limited to factions from: US Navy (possibly as Solar Warden), US Air Force, China, Russia, Brazil, India, and South Africa.


  • Transport to the other side of the galaxy quickly.
  • Shoebox-size power generator can be used by household.
  • Education technology – Chair beds whereby you can download a skill such as learning a new language in a one hour.

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