Quantum Axiatonal Realignment Therapy℠ à Mont-Saint-Aignan

Quantum Axiatonal Realignement Therapy TM à Mont-Saint-Aignan (76130)
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Receiving its Quantum Axiatonal Reconnection is a wonderful process of vibrational elevation and acceleration of your life path, to improve your life in the material field, relationship process, personal and spiritual path. Originally, the meridians of the body, sometimes called acupuncture meridians, were connected to the network of lines that surround the planet. The lines of this network were designed to extend and connect us to much larger grids that connects us to the entire universe. We lost the connection to this network over time. The Quantum Axiatonal Realignment Therapy involves “new” axiatonal lines that allow us to adjust […]


SNN Editor Comment: I actually received this therapy for Henda, and it was not only a profound experience, but also had long-term positive effects in my re-connection to inner self and sense of life purpose.

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