Real Ballots Watermarked & Tracked by Quantum Voting System (QVS)

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Click the video link here >>> Financial Reset Done to #Watermark Ballott Tracking and ARRESTS

Discussions points from the video:

  • Real BALLOTS were WATERMARKED and tracked by the QUANTUM VOTING SYSTEM (QVS). Ballots that were not marked are fake.
  • The QVS also works on the same blockchain system as the QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM (QFS) – soon to be announced.
  • Counting only real ballots, Trump won by ~80%
  • Mention of the QUANTUM EDUCATION SYSTEM (QES) in this video.

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UPDATE 11/28/2020: As a follow-up to the above linked video, I also recommend readers to watch these also:

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  • I’m not sure how a watermark would be helpful if excess ballots were being printed due to a ‘glitch’.
    I SAW a glitch occur while standing in line on election day.
    The ‘ballots printed’ number jumped by 100. I saw & heard the election official say “My numbers don’t match, they just jumped by 100”.
    A call was made to the County Clerk (Catron County NM), and he said that “another polling location had the same ‘glitch'” and that “techs were working on it”.
    It happened again, later in the day.
    At the end of the day .. the numbers tallied up. ??
    What happened to those 200 ballots? This is a HUGE amount for our very small town location, considering we only had 109 in person voters at our location (up 25% from previous).
    Glitches occurred. Absolutely NO doubt about it …
    But if they’re printing excess ballots due to a ‘glitch’ … wouldn’t the watermark still be there??

  • And now the excrement hits the fan, it is going to get really messy.

  • About watermarks. In the printing business, watermarks by nature are to be very subtle, they are mostly very faint and around 5-10% of the color being used to print. Any ballot with a solid or fairly darkish greyed watermark, I’m postulating that to be around 30-40% of the color, would and should be considered fake. Our printing technology is very refined even on home printers. If you do a piece, putting a watermark on it, the software used to produce the watermark does translate to the printer correctly, people producing fake ballots who are homegrown rubes would not know this tidbit about printing watermarks. The person in charge of decisions during counting who does not put aside those ballots with dark watermarks is either….ignorant or in on this scam. It’s not a hard stretch to believe that in Democrat strongholds where these issues were blatant, (like the Atlanta area) the people in the counting arena with the power to make decisions to count or not, are in on this travesty pushed on to the American voting public,

  • “watermarked” paper DOES NOT COPY CLEANLY.

    The normally very faint watermark reflects a lot of the light during the scanning and prints dark on the copies.

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