Recent Student “Arrests” in China Are a White Hat Operation

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Star Nations News℠ Exclusive Report

Recently mainland China allegedly police arrested both students from “100 universities” (as reported by a man’s voice in English in the linked video below) in China all on the same day starting during lunch break. Unmarked buses allegedly took all the students away to unknown locations. Students who refused to leave willingly were allegedly taken away by other means.

Go to 26:40 in the link here >>> CCP major arrests at Universities

Note: The video linked above shows the police in the video were wearing shirts identifying them as a SWAT team from Danyang City (丹阳市) in China’s Jiangsu province.

“Official narrative” news as reported in Chinese language by the BBC states a dean was arrested and the students merely “clashed with police” while protesting a school merger. See the web-translated version of the BBC news page.

This all seemed odd as the English-speaking voice doing the reporting in Cirsten’s above-linked video stated students were arrested, and the arrests took place all on the same day at “100 universities”. This conflicting information seemed to indicate something else was afoot that may have been much larger than a mere protest.

Star Nations News℠ made some inquiries into this issue. These were the results:

* Lisa’s allusion above to “stand down” specifically refers to White Hat (aka Earth Alliance) operations currently underway across the globe to have the deep state players either stand down or be arrested during the course of humanity’s global liberation from deep state control. For more information about global White Hat operations in this regard, have a look at the many reports regarding the ongoing deep state takedown.


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