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In the first half, remote viewing teacher Edward A. Dames discussed the current cases his agency (Matrix Intelligence Agency) is working on, including updates on the solar kill shot, his work on the Sasquatch/UFO connection, mutations of COVID-19, and the status of Kim Jung Un in North Korea. He also shared results of a recent remote viewing (see graphics below) of a mysterious radioactive plume. They traced the location to a new nuclear reactor (still under construction) in Sosnovy Bor in Russia on the Gulf of Finland. About a week ago, Dames said he remote viewed the location of Kim Jong Un, and found him in a hospital, where he seemed to have weak vital signs– indicating that he was either dead or sleeping.

As he mentioned in his March appearance on the show, he concluded that the coronavirus accidentally escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan that was investigating biowarfare agents. Dames said he consulted on a potential antibody-related treatment for the virus, which involves a convalescent plasma. He warned that the pandemic’s consequences could be amplified by the fall with cities cordoned off and supply chains collapsing. Worse still, he continued, is the solar kill shot that he’s predicted for years. He currently estimates that it will arrive during Solar Cycle 25, just getting underway. Speaking of his ‘Project Starman’ research, he described how Bigfoot creatures are beamed into our reality from a “capacitor bank” that seems to emanate from a very cold world– possibly Earth in the future, or an entirely different planet

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