Report Injustice to Galactic Federation Security

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Perhaps we can say this is a post for the more spiritually-minded audience…

For those people who know they are here on this planet to serve truth and justice, know that if you witness something bad being done (crime against humanity, another person, your self, or something that’s just plain wrong), and whether you see this in any chosen realm (“regular” or “awake” reality, or dream, an article you read, or in meditation, or…), know that you can easily report what you’ve seen to Galactic Federation Security.

Some of you know how to do this already.

But for those who haven’t tried this before, it’s easy and your report will be heard!

Instructions for Beginners

If you haven’t done so already, it helps first to get in touch with your guides, the etheric or energetic folks who support you in amazing ways you cannot imagine! Some people see their guides quite literally, perhaps as angels, and others are a more feeling-oriented presence. Perhaps they are in your life as an idea. Connect with them in whichever manner works for you.

Once that connection has been made, work on it. Develop it and strengthen your connection just as you would any valuable friendship. In my case, I regularly take a quiet moment to speak with my guides out loud. I usually do this in a private place like at home. But after some time, one can do this in thought or feeling. Again, do whatever works for you.

The reason it’s helpful to speak out loud harkens back to a power that we humans have in in ancient times in the art of “spell-casting” – where the spoken word was so utterly powerful that whatever was spoken actually became so.

So, in harnessing that old power, if you speak out loud to your guides with the intent of having them hear you, then THEY WILL HEAR! If you need imagery, I have attached a likeness of an huge antenna array (which actually exists “out there” – an NO, it’s not 5G! [joke]) that will pick up on anything you send it. The living technology that actually bolsters this antenna will route your signal to the exact place it needs to go to – in this case to Galactic Federation Security (GFS). If you don’t wish to use this imagery or technology, then now worries – you will be heard nevertheless!

In any case, in the instance where you may need to report something wrong that absolutely needs to be heard at the highest level, then as your guides to help you send whatever it is that concerns you to Galactic Federation Security (GFS).

I recently witnessed something pretty horrific (entrapment and drugging of people for organ harvesting) in a dream this morning before I work up, and upon awakening I absolutely had to get it reported.

Depending on the level of connection you may establish with your guides and GFS, your simple report may suffice. There may be times when they may ask for more information, or interact with you in actually assisting. As you know, as a Helper here on this planet, you need to be flexible in any capacity. So, yes, you can help!

Help the world. Speak your testimony. Say what’s on your mind to your Guides!

The reason I bring this particular up now is we have recently entered into a justice phase of Gaia’s collective ascension.

Side Note

In case you haven’t noticed, a TON of dragons recently showed up. And they mean business! They will be helping in administering justice. Some etherics also recently freed will be assisting, too.

If you’re not in communication now with your guides and other siblings, maybe now is your chance to establish this connection and assist in humanity’s intergalactic involvement with our wonderful (and very helpful loving) neighbors!


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