Reporter: Democrats Privately Say Biden is Lacking ‘Mental Acuity’

Reporter: Democrats privately say Biden is lacking 'mental acuity'
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See the original article here: Reporter: Democrats privately say Biden is lacking ‘mental acuity’

SNN Editor: Some say Biden is not Biden: That by comparing photographs of him from various sources over time, there are marked differences in facial features, especially with his ear lobes appearing attached to his face, while at other times his ear lobes are not attached. This seems to suggest that Biden’s handlers are using doubles for him, or even clones or cyborgs.

The timing couldn’t have been better. On the same day the Joe Biden presidential campaign made a show of announcing it had accepted the idea of three debates with President Donald Trump in the fall, a Washington-based media reporter was interviewed by Fox News explaining that Biden seems to lack the mental wherewithal even to handle questions at a news conference. Considering it’s a safe bet that virtually the entire national news corps is secretly — and not-so-secretly — rooting for a Biden victory over Trump in November, that’s a damning statement itself. Joe Concha, a media reporter for […]

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