Secret Bases World-Wide & the Bermuda Triangle

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Click the original video or article link here >>> Secret Bases World-Wide, and in the Heart of the Bermuda Triangle – COAST TO COAST AM 2021

“COAST TO COAST AM – August 2021. In the course of his research, military fiction writer Mack Maloney discovered numerous places all over the world similar to Area 51. The US Navy has a super-secret base in the Bahamas called AUTEC, where they test nuclear submarines. However, Maloney revealed this base, in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, has been a locus for both UFO and USO sightings– in some of the underwater incidents, the unidentified craft were said to be moving at very high speeds. The mysterious M-Triangle in Russia is an isolated forested area, where for some time, only the Soviet military was allowed to enter. According to documentation he uncovered, it was routine to see UFOs and balls of light in the sky.”



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