Secret Space Program (SSP) Corporations, Mind Control, Genetics – Super Soldier Johan Fritz

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Click the original article link here >>> Johan Fritz: Structure of the SSP, Corporations, Psychology, Mind Programming, Genetics, Experiments

A discussion with Super Soldier Johan Fritz about the structure of the SSP and corporations that are connected, psychology, MK Ultra, Mind programming, Genetics, and Medical experiments.

Source: Awakening Cosmic Reality Show

Video notes courtesy of Star Nations News℠:

  • 30:00 – Mention of Taiwanese med bed technology developed from reverse-engineered Secret Space Program (SSP) medical technology that specializes in a non-invasive cure for brain cancer. Do a search for the term “med bed” on this website for more information.
  • 37:40 – Genetic scanners that analyzes the body’s DNA within 30 minutes. Thereafter, genetic editing device can edit the body’s DNA to correct mutations and other problems.
  • 1:11:55 – Johan states he remembers seeing Corey Goode on his ship while Corey was doing was doing repairs on the ship.
  • 1:33:35 – Johan speaks of his service on Jupiter and a Jupiter moon. Randy Cramer may have discussed this also.
  • 1:37:15 – Jupiter moon location does cloning done by Monarch Security Solutions LLC.
  • 1:40:40 – Metagene discussion.
  • 1:43:40 – Hyperion Space Station was built in the 1960s by the Tall White ETs – not Earth-human technology. Then run by Russians, then taken over by ICC when Red Rising Star program failed. Hyperion can jump to different physical locations.
  • 1:47:15 – “Alters” or “clones” or “version 2.0” of one’s self. Usually used by Super Soldiers. Basically a physical copy made of a body for high risk missions. If the body dies on the mission, the consciousness of that body goes back to the source or original body, then the body is re-cloned and inserted into a time (time travel) before the mission was performed to re-do the mission in a way so that the mission was successful. This practice was typically used by Kruger Mercenary Corps, but was not favored by Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), Mars Defense Force (MDF), and the Alliance AKA “White Hats”.
  • 1:55:05 – Johan’s recommendations for people with special experiences who are first “coming out of the closet”.
  • 2:32:40 – Difference between a “screen memory” and an actual memory.

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