Secretive TR-3B Spacecraft Possibly Spotted Over Beirut Explosion

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Photographs and videos depicting the recent explosion at Beirut’s seaport seem to show at least two triangular craft over the explosion site. For the last two decades reports of triangular craft seen worldwide have consistently appeared in conjunction with strange events and unusual sightings.

The most commonly reported and discussed triangular craft seem to circle around the TR-3B, a mysterious anti-gravity and non-explosive propelled spacecraft rumored to have been created by deep state business enterprises such as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). This craft’s design certainly matches the triangular description reported in Patent Approved for Anti-Gravity Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion. Star Nations News℠ has reported extensively on this craft previously. Click on the TR-3B here link for more information.

Further inspection of available photos may show the craft bear an isosceles triangle layout as opposed to the TR-3B’s equilateral triangle form. The isosceles design may suggest a conventional jet aircraft such as the Dassault Mirage delta-wing fighter commonly used by the nearby Isreali air force.

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