Dan Rather on the State of the America

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The United States is not on the verge of collapse.

I say this not to minimize the dangers of this moment. They are great.

I say this not to negate the pain. It is deep.

I say this not to normalize the injustices. They are real and have been festering for far too long.

But I have seen this country bend many times. I have seen it face threats from without, and from within. I have seen natural and man-made disasters. I have seen currents of hate. I have seen violence and heartbreak. One of the hallmarks of my time on this planet is I have seen a lot. And what I have also seen is that this country, because of the best spirit of its people, can bend a lot without breaking. And when it rights itself, it often becomes more just, more empathetic, and more resilient.

Is it bad now? Yes. We’re in trouble…

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