Situation Now 2020-7-9: Aluna Ash

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From AA’s post on FB.

“Things appear to be very divided in the world, because not all within this time segment of Humanity, are not fully aware that Humanity is one unit (Elohim) with many archetypes/angels(ideas/states of consciousness) to play different parts. So we fight and try to dominate one another, wish destruction upon one another, secretly enjoying the gossip & downfall of another and are filled with hatred toward one another… thinking it is justified, while not realizing the true cause or realizing what we are creating for ourselves.

“We hate others for the evil that is within ourselves.” If we have ill-will towards any other being, it has come from within first, not ill-will because of reacting to how the other appears or what they have done… it must be within us first to be seen in the way that it is. It’s not some with their heads in the clouds & positive thinking while others do the heavy/dark battle work- that’s a myth. The War/Warrior mentality has been so impressed upon the Collective Mind, that even after an initial awakening, the War/Warrior/Destruct Another mentality remains- it just turns into a different form, like a new war or a new battle. It turns into a Lightworker War against the “Dark” (not realizing it’s a war against our self, an inner war objectified and personified as some external thing we must fight and it continues that way until we acknowledge the cause, it doesn’t matter if we had an awakening or how long we have been “awake,” we can stay in that layer of the dream for yrs, decades or many more life segments…) It just repeats, a new battle different day.

The Eternal Self is not weak and there is no longer a battle when the Eternal Self awakens because it has overcome the illusion that so many of us have been wrapped up in prior to awakening and after. Seems like more of a deliberate (although still slightly unconscious) “war” “destruct another” “battle against something” mentality for a bit AFTER awakening though. Each of us come out of that layer of the dream at different times. One Being means that we are all One, even the parts that seem to horrific to acknowledge, if it’s something you are aware of- it is a part of you. It’s much easier to blame then to see things this way (that’s what I see as “Spiritual Bypassing” -stuck in the mind game of evil/good, fighting something as if it’s something external whether it be physical or non-physical.

The Absolute cannot be anything other then Absolute, even if it appears to be separate. The experience of Oneness is where the many layers of the dream where we see the mirage of separation- is completely dissolved in awareness, there is no denying this experience, you would not need to ask another if you had it, you would instantly know, it’s as if all memory of the existence of life and Humanity comes back.) Oneness is known only by personal experience, but to awaken as One, there must be full responsibility as the Creator. This means when something shows up, even if I don’t like it, I don’t deny it if it has manifested, but now that I have become One, I know from experience that all are a part of me, and it is my responsibility to change my perception of it from within, to lift it up from within to the best of my ability. Once received, we cannot undo the Gift, we can slip into different states of mind moment to moment, but the Gift of experiencing Oneness is Eternal- it is the memory of the Eternal Body, the Essence within and through ALL.

Many within the world are appear to be divided, one side against the other and the opposition, fustration, hatred seems to grow, the ego wants to win and be right, the Greater Self knows of ways we do not, if we truly want what’s best for all, we would not care how or what channel/person/side it came through….but it can at times seem more about dominance, being right and winning. Many are fighting their own shadow thinking they are overcoming an external evil (physical & nonphysical) and it made me think of this lecture by Neville:

“What I tried to tell you was this — we become what we contemplate. For it is the nature of love, as it is the nature of hate, to change us into the likeness of that which we contemplate. Last night I simply read a news item to show you that when we think we can destroy our image by breaking the mirror, we are only fooling ourselves.

When, through war or revolution, we destroy titles which to us represent arrogance and greed, we become in time the embodiment of that which we thought we had destroyed. So today the people who thought they destroyed the tyrants are themselves that which they thought they had destroyed.

That I may not be misunderstood, let me again lay the foundation of this principle. Consciousness is the one and only reality. We are incapable of seeing other than the contents of our own consciousness

Therefore, hate betrays us in the hour of victory and condemns us to be that which we condemn. All conquest results in an exchange of characteristics, so that conquerors become like the conquered foe. We hate others for the evil which is in ourselves. Races, nations, and religious groups have lived for centuries in intimate hostility, and it is the nature of hatred, as it is the nature of love, to change us into the likeness of that which we contemplate.

Nations act toward other nations as their own citizens act toward each other. When slavery exists in a state and that nation attacks another it is with intent to enslave. When there is a fierce economic competition between citizen and citizen, then in war with another nation the object of the war is to destroy the trade of the enemy. Wars of domination are brought about by the will of those who within a state are dominant over the fortunes of the rest.

We radiate the world that surrounds us by the intensity of our imagination and feeling. But in this third-dimensional world of ours time beats slowly. And so we do not always observe the relationship of the visible world to our inner nature.

Now that is really what I meant. I thought I had said it. That I may not be misunderstood, that is my principle. You and I can contemplate an ideal, and become it by falling in love with it.

On the other hand we can contemplate something we heartily dislike and by condemning it we will become it. But because of the slowness of time in this three-dimensional world, when we do become what we contemplated we have forgotten that formerly we set out to worship or destroy it.”

***This does not mean agreeing to destructive actions of another. The world will not change until we change the cause of why things are showing up in the world the way they are! And the cause is not people, celebs, or specific groups of people or other beings either, even though this is what many believe. We must stop giving external things power by dropping our beliefs in them holding power. It is like calling yourself an ant and the other a giant. Example: if hundreds or thousands of people think they need to come together to be strong enough to fight a person or a tiny group of people, they are the ants who have shrunk themselves and the tiny group of people are the giants. When you think something can oppose you in any way because it has some kind of exalted power, authority or secret hidden knowledge or magic- you’re shrinking yourself down to the size of an ant while building the external thing up to the size of a giant.

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