Slavery in America

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Operation Underground Railroad: Black Females are twice as likely as other children to remain missing by the end of their observation period:… In 2012 during the Obama administration there were 64,000 Missing Black Women in The USA:… HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS NOW THE SECOND MOST PROFITABLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN THE UNITED STATES: https://www.mbfpreventioneducation.or… The List of Missing Black Girls Continues to Grow:… NCIC Missing Person Statistics: 11 Facts About Human Trafficking:… Over Half of Modern day slaves are females… and it’s more profitable than big oil:… Slavery created just as many millionaires then as it does now:… Juneteenth: Slavery in the United States:… The Best Argument For President Trump’s Re-Election:… Trump administration proposes rolling back protections for big tech:… Eradicating Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation: Trump is FORCING the DEEP STATE to the Surface:… Bannon on Trump: ‘The elite media think he’s a cloven-hoofed devil’:… I suggest watching Operation Toussaint about Human Trafficking ( it’s free On Amazon Prime or with your 30 day free subscription to prime).

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