SOBEK: Egyptian Mythology Documentary | The Crocodile God | Animation

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What was Sobek the god of? Why was he so important to Ancient Egyptians? All of your questions about the God of The Nile will be answered. We start with Sobek’s back story by traveling to The ancient city of Crocodilopolis in the Faiyum. In order to understand Sobek, Krokodilópolis reveals the true reason why Egyptians worshipped crocodiles. You’ll meet Crocodilopolis’ giant holy crocodile – The Son of Soukhos (aka Petsoukhos/Suchus/Soûkhos/Petsuchos) and see how he became the most important animal in the city. Krokodilópolis was renowned for its gigantic crocodile themed monuments. The people of Shedet frequently brought offerings and regularly worshipped at Sobek’s temples. After a guided tour of the crocodile city, you’ll watch an animated story from the Coffin texts featuring Ra, Horus, Isis, and Sobek. This is a real story from the ancient texts and it shows the journey of Sobek overcoming Chaos. Finally, you’ll see why crocodiles in Ancient Egypt caused a lot of controversies. Sobek may not be one of the most well known Ancient Egyptian Gods, but he’s definitely one of the most interesting. In summary, this Documentary about is about Sobek, showing you his fascinating connection with the Ancient Egyptian people.

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