Some Correction on the Perception of the Orion Races

Compact System of Super-Earths Found around Lacaille 9352
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Okay, this is written in response to what seems to be a prevalent perceptions (based on rumor among those who study this) about the Orion races, of course located in the vicinity of the Orion constellation.

MYTH: There’s only “one Orion race” and they’re called the Orions.

Actually, there are several groups of Orions, with many of them human, or at least humanoid. Among the residents in the Orion area are draco-reps.

See more about that here in the Orion Civilization.

MYTH: All Orions are bad folks.

Nope, not all. Yes, there are draco-reps and the other bad folks associated with some of them over there, and they are indeed not nice. You can read about the nasty stuff they have done in the latest Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16.

But not all Orions are bad folk. If you read the report linked above, you’ll see the good news is most of the bad ones have been knocked offline. This battle for cleaning out the dark stuff is not just limited to Earth only.

All is good, and is palpably getting a lot better – and really fast! Everywhere!

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