Space Hospitality Startup Orbite to Develop Spaceflight Gateway Complex for Future Explorers

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Click the original article link here >>> Space Hospitality startup Orbite to develop Spaceflight Gateway Complex for future explorers

Orbite co-founders, Jason Andrews, Nicolas Gaume, and CFO Sophie Stabile Orbite, formed by entrepreneurs Jason Andrews and Nicolas Gaume, announced plans to develop the first “Spaceflight Gateway and Astronaut Training Complex” for commercial astronaut training. Orbite provides state-of-the-art astronaut preparation across all types of vehicles as well as luxury accommodations, dining, and recreation for future commercial astronauts, their friends & families, and other Orbite customers. Jason Andrews founded Andrews Space in 1999, Spaceflight in 2010, BlackSky in 2013, and subsequently integrated all three businesses under Spaceflight Industries in 2015. “​It’s been clear during my two-plus decades in this industry […]

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