Star Nations News℠ Now Accepting XRP Cryptocurrency Donations

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A Free Service to You, But Someone Has to Pay For All This

Star Nations News℠ is a one-man show that provides you with a FREE service linking to thousands of fascinating news items that typically are not reported in heavily censored mainstream news. See this site’s mission here.

But in reality, behind the scenes, keeping Star Nations News℠ is really not free.

Aside from the many hours your site’s editor spends scouring for and sharing news, there are various web hosting and site upkeep fees. On account of of the “controversial” content hosted here, approximately every 20 seconds hackers attempt (unsuccessfully so far) to gain access to Star Nations News℠ web admin resources. Because of this, for the site’s protection there are expensive security measures someone needs to pay for.

Again, Star Nations News℠ is a one-man show that so far is paid for entirely out of pocket by me, John Helios, your Star Nations News℠ Chief Editor.

Please Consider a Donation

I kindly ask that you consider funding your source for fascinating and lesser-report news by making a donation. This can be done either by PayPal at the donation button appearing at the side of this page, and now also in the form of XRP Cryptocurrency using the following Wallet Destination Tag:

XRP Wallet Wallet Destination Tag:


Or scan the following QR Code for this same XRP tag:

Again, Star Nations News℠ is so-far a FREE one-man show that is honored by thousands of viewers every day. But honestly, there are only one or two viewers donating a total of approximately $25 per month to help support the site. While help in any amount is deeply appreciated, I encourage you to help support a personally expensive philanthropic venture that has me scouring the net for hand-picked items for several hours on a nearly daily basis.

Thank You!

I am deeply honored at the emails and comments you send to me here at Star Nations News℠ .

Greatest Thanks & Blessings to You and Your Family

– John Helios
Chief Editor
Star Nations News℠

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