Super Soldier Captain Randy Cramer: Lunar Operations Command (LOC)

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Source: Super Soldier Talk

Secret Space Program (SSP) USMC Special Section Captain Randy Cramer shares info about the holobed healing technology, life at Lunar Operations Command (LOC), weapons and gear used by the Mars Defense Force (MDF), Project Moonshadow, ICC and MCC Politics, the 2015 Martian Worker Revolt, Mars life forms and much more.

Summary of some salient points of this August 2019 interview with Randy Cramer.

Med Bed:

  • Holo-bed (aka “medical bed” or “med bed”) project. Randy and partners are developing this technology.
  • Originally this is a fully developed Arcturian technology. Technology has been used for decades already.
  • People’s physiological age will not be reverted younger than approximately 40 years.
  • Uses individual’s own genetic profile to restore health, not using a pre-set template developed according to someone else’s standards.
  • Also see this interview Super Soldier Talk – Randy Cramer – Mars Defense Force for more details on how med beds work.

Moon Base: Luna Operations Command (LOC)

  • Uses antiquated 1970s-era construction or furniture.
  • Moon personnel from other Secret factions: Zeta-Reticulans, Neuschwabenlander (New Swaben Land Nazi faction).
  • Moon colony population approximately 200,000.

Moon Spaceport Base:

  • Multiple spacecraft bays totaling 150 meters wide 10-12 floors high.
  • Spacecraft bays filled with mostly TR-3B spacecraft and some TR-3G (newer version of TR-3B)
  • TR-3B cockpit is like a typical antiquated military aircraft cockpit
  • TR-3G cockpit is made from advanced materials: Shiny, carbon fiber, modern looking.

Earth Defence Force (EDF):

  • Flag: bluish-gray gold fringe, rocket ship with a swirl, stars
  • Uniforms were homogenized despite what country or nationality a person comes from.
  • Some personnel are civilian.

Solar Warden & Radiant Gurdian Squadrons operated by US Navy: Equivalent to Navy’s current Atlantic fleet and Pacific fleets of ships, divided up to provide operations to halves of the solar system.

General Mention of:

  • Medical Technology: Full body scanner for diagnostic purposes.
  • Clothing and other items of trade with ET races are sourced from multiple contractors.
  • Some spaceships are made on Earth and elsewhere.
  • Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) funds LOC but does not manage LOC. LOC managed by military under black ops, costing less than USD 1 billion per year.
  • Mars Defence Force (MDF)
  • Mars Colonies
  • Mars Colony Corporation (MCC) and accounting and management system for financial accountability to the ICC.
  • Aries Primus, a location near moon’s equator
  • Mars: indigenous insectoid species were more defensive. Reptoids were more aggressive.
  • Body armor suits with/out hydraulic physical assistance.
  • Rail gun armament. Quiet.
  • Project Moonshadow: Human engineering program under which Randy’s body was developed.
  • People’s misconception of what defines a cyborg soldier. Randy did not have many technological implants or machinery to fulfill what most people think of as a cyborg.
  • Randy was DNA encoded and designed in a lab. Then implanted into his mother for full-term gestation and early childhood rearing. He was not traumatized emotionally as with MK Ultra / Monarch military programs. Current super soldiers in modern development programs are no longer programmed using trauma.
  • One of Randy’s commanding officers is over 100 years old, but continues to use age regression technology.
  • Insectoids usually sent out sent out swarms of genetically modified “soldiers” to fight Randy and his group. At one point Randy approached them in a friendly manner and initiated a more or less positive relationship with them. They were mostly dark brown colored.
  • Insectoids had a psionic/spiritual relationship with the planet Mars.
  • MDF personnel usually didn’t have discussion aboput spiritual or religious belief system.
  • On Mars in 2015 there was a worker revolt that protested the basic slavery system that exists there.

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