Super Soldier Johan Fritz – Kruger Corps, Mars Defense Force (MDF), Nacht Waffen “Dark Fleet”, Lunar Operations Command (LOC) & Secret Space Force (SSP)

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Johan Fritz was in the Marine Corps and he was picked up from Diego Garcia and then recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger officer at LOC. From there he was transferred into the Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen Extra Solar and he has done a total of 40 years of service and eventually made it to the executive level management aboard the USS Patton, CEO of the Franklin, another ship for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiences because he was able to resist the mkultra program he was put through. He will be discussing the dynamics of secret space program as well as answering audience questions.”

Super Soldier Talk

SNN Editor: Johan is a super soldier selected for operations in the Secret Space Program (SSP), possibly recruited for a “20 and backmilitary program. Because his name is Germanic, his DNA may have been ideally predisposed for use in a German-operated arm of the SSP. Thus he was probably being monitored since childhood as a prospect for recruitment by the SSP.

For those unfamiliar with the SSP, make certain to do some research on its history. Suffice it here to say, most factions of the SSP are of German origin, stemming originally from the Waffen SS of the World War II era. From the Waffen SS name arose one of the early factions of the SSP, named Nacht Waffen (aka Dark Fleet).

Below are some salient notes and talking points from this video interview:


Below are some salient notes and talking points from this video interview:

  • Johan has served 40 years in the military.
  • Johan shares an org chart published in the 1980s that provides the outline of the early ICC structure, originally headed by 9 executives.
  • The solar system’s parent corporation is the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).
  • Each location (planetoid, planet, asteroid belt, etc.) has its own corporation administering locally to ensure profitable trade operations.
  • Solar Warden
  • Teledyne provided rocket engines, mining equipment, tunnel borers.
  • Joint Defense Forces Command (JDFC) brought Nacht Waffen under ICC control in early 1980s, as Nacht Waffen was originally an independent organization.
  • Resources (mostly soldiers and personnel) were transferable from location to location if the local corporation agreed to be under the ICC.
  • Nacht Waffen was formed (in the 1980s?) and was placed under the ICC.
  • Spacecraft named Lequoiture (sp?) and LeMay (which he says were mentioned by Corey Goode)
  • Spacecraft systems developed under Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, etc, were made to be continually upgradable, usually “modularized” so components could readily be upgraded or replaced.
  • Nacht Waffen set up 4 monitoring bases on Planet 10 (not Pluto).
  • Planetoid Makemake in the Kuiper Belt is a refueling and repositioning base used by the Nacht Waffen.
  • Replicator equipment didn’t appear for general use until the mid-1980s.
  • Holo-dock (aka medical bed, med-bed) technology used to heal wounded personnel.
  • Annual quota of humans abducted from Earth for Secret Space Program SSP use: 1950s (50,000), 1980s (~750,000), 2020s (1,000,000). Some are cloned and then returned to Earth.
  • Approximately 10-20,000 abductees actually used annually as slaves.
  • The 1950s was a “brain drain” of scientists taken off-world to LOC for SSP development. Mention of William Tompkins.
  • What were the general criteria for people abducted into the SSP?
  • – Desirable genetic characteristics.
  • – Intuitively empathic
  • – Psychological temperament for combat scenarios
  • – Certain bloodlines (such as royalty) has ideal genetics.
  • The mineral moldovite is believed to lend psychically enhancing capabilities. A “psionic amplifier”.
  • Slave operations trend has been moved outside of the solar system.
  • Timeline modification using looking glass jump pads, where agents are sent in to modify a timeline to a desired result, and then are brought back to their original timeline. This is what’s used to affect “20 and back” operations.
  • Advice for getting repressed memory back:
  • – Find a good post-hypnotic regression (PHR) therapist, including a specialist in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)
  • – Some people who attempt to heal themselves need to make sure they deactivate any suicidal thought programming that they may have been programmed with if they attempt healing and regaining memory.
  • Body work that helps release memory through physically massage
  • Weapons and fighting training are done mostly at Mars.
  • Uploading of training and information can be done via a head-worn visor after the soldier has been drug-induced to a hypnogogic state. Similar to uploads seen in the movie The Matrix.
  • Kruger Mercenary Corps, a German training group with a base at a power plant at Vemork, Norway, where is located an entrance to a Draco base.
  • At a moon location, Johan did a “dog and pony show”, where he was groped by Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton standing by).
  • At Kruger, a soldier’s consciousness is transferred from your primary biological body to your clone, which he calls his body’s “2.0”.
  • “Radiant Glory” is the upgraded name from “Radiant Guardian” which was an upgrade from “Solar Warden”. Also called “The Alliance”.
  • At 32:10 video Host shares Kruger’s logo that was given to the host by Peter the Insider. The lady adjacent to the logo is in Canada and is actually a Kruger asset.
  • Lots of soft disclosure of SSP technology ideas in the movie “Osiris Child”.
  • At 39:20 – Johan says there’s soft disclosure of super soldier programming techniques in the Marvel movie “Captain America” with the Winter Soldier character.
  • Tonya was a genetic clone of the 1930s model Bettie Page. This clone was an SSP intel agent in negotiation with Lyrans in an attempt to get access to a green nanite gas that destroys black goo. Tonya got caught and had to be rescued.
  • Base 211 is also known as Neuschwabenland in Antarctica.
  • Maria Orsic was taken to Base 211 for training before going elsewhere.
  • Short movie Rakka
  • Project Lazarus
  • The move “The 4th Kind” has a scene where is spoken an ancient form of the Babylonian language spoken by the original Annunaki.
  • Sirian, Zeta-Reticulans, Dogons, Egyptians, Mayans, Toltec

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