Symbolism of the Bennu Bird and the Eagle at the Montana Megaliths, USA

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Symbolism of the Bennu Bird and the Eagle At the Montana Megaliths, USA

Pars Kutay writes:

“At this time… it is important to always BE Aware of what is Important and to always BE Aware of what is Happening around us and what Frequencies are taking our attention. We need to Strive to stay in the HIGHER Frequencies of Peace and Love. BEcause in the months of October and November We will need to BE BALANCED and CENTERED and to deal with the Powerful ENERGIES that will arise in the days of 31st October to 11th November : the Full Moon to the 11/11 Scorpio Gate.”

The Phoenix as Symbol of the 11/11 Gateway

The 11/11 Gateway is a powerful PORTAL that allows us… and the Earth… to adjust our Timeline and to create NEW and HIGHER experiences as we Evolve and Manifest. In this 11day PORTAL period between the Full Moon in October and the 11/11 PORTAL… the Earth has Transitioned from the constellation of Libra to the constellation of Scorpio, relative to the Sun.The Bright Star Antares dominates the night Sky… and the Interstellar Frequencies are Deep and Powerful.

The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion, but less well-known symbols are also the Eagle and the Phoenix. The Scorpion represents the lower or shadow aspects of Scorpio… those of basic instinct and aggression. We can expect to see many people coming from animal instinct and aggression in this time if they are triggered and unaware. But… the second symbol… that of the Eagle… represents those who are SOUL Aware and have the Wisdom to see the Bigger Picture. Like the Eagle… they can Soar above the chaos and act with discernment.Those of us who are Shifting… Transforming and Ascending with the Earth will follow the Flight of the Phoenix. This represents the complete Transmutation of the old and the past… and the Birthing and ongoing Manifestation of the NEW!

The Phoenix was the symbol that the Sirian Star Teachers used to describe the process of Creation out of Chaos… and they called it the “Bennu Bird”. In their Wisdom Stories… the Bennu Bird would live for a certain time and then would burst into flame and annihilate itself. But… from the ashes would arise a NEW Bennu Bird. This story represented the Cyclic Processes of Life and Creation of Material Reality.Those of us who are undergoing the “Flight of the Phoenix” will feel as though everything we Knew has been taken away. We may feel confused and sad or angry. Or… we may feel a deep Peace if we allow our SELVES to move through this process in a place of Acceptance and Surrender.”


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Source: Montana Megaliths / Julie Ryder

Julie Ryder

Discoverer and Researcher
Montana Megaliths, USA

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