Tachyon is the Source of All Frequencies

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page. Originally published here on Facebook.)

SNN Editor: Tachyon technology used for health benefits as mentioned below sounds somewhat similar to the effect that Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator had on his patients.


Tachyon Technology is a part of a Major Wave of advancements that will transform our experience Here in the years to come.

That is a long prophesied Golden Age of Aquarius. Many of these technologies have been Gifted to us through Pleiadians Contactees.

I will now describe tachyons. They are Subatomic particles that travel faster than Light that infuse matter with Spiritual Light, such as from our Galactic Center. Tachyonization is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of Tachyons and permanently changes the Quantum properties of the Atomic Nuclei, which compose that matter.

And Tachyonization is a process that’s has a patent. It’s a patented technology. Now the chemical composition does not change. It decreases the entropy of physical matter. It reverses the aging process and strengthens the Immune System.

There are two processes going on at the same time in conflict. One is Entropy and the other is the opposite, which is Centropy. We experienced that Entropy in terms of aging, we [are] developing increasing complexity until we reach about 20 years of age. And then we initiate the usually irreversible process of entropy leading to death as the physical organism.

Tachyons are completely safe since they do Not change the chemical composition of the matter. And they do Not create any type of electromagnetic field or radioactivity.

Because of their central big effects, Tachyons can correct imbalances in our four lower bodies. That’s the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, and the Etheric. It cannot be misused and go well with other modalities. So Wellbeing and Spiritual Growth are Accelerated.

In 1977, Gerald Fein defined the Tachyon for the first time. This eventually made it into common Consciousness during the Star Trek series. And you will see them mentioning that in many of the episodes and are well worth looking at again.

They are converted. They are Subatomic particles that travel through space. They’re converted by pions in the atmosphere to frequencies, required to evolve, organize, and create perfect form. You’re the binding energy of the universe, creating all forms perfectly.

Tachyons carry the Quantum Signature, the basic level of creative matter and connect physical matter back to SOURCE.

High Energy Cosmic Rays enter our Solar System from Inter stellar space and carry Tachyons with them. Some of them reached the surface of our planet through a Hyper Dimensional Wormhole via a Quartz Oscillator aboard the Genesis II Spacecraft.

So these Tachyon Chambers, which are NOW around the world enabled the arrival of Tachyons from Higher Dimensions through what I’ll describe as the Quarantine into physical matter, refracting and concentrating them through Sacred Geometry.

Now, Quarantine is a very important issue because it is what separates us really from the rest of our Solar System and the rest of the Cosmos. Quarantine was created by the dark forces about 26,000 years ago, which is the Galactic year. It is maintained by Quantum Anomaly, which is a distortion of the Time Space Continuum, and at the Quantum level. The Gnostic texts are referred to this as error.

The Chambers are Quantum Generators that filtered Time and Space. And so they Detoxify the body. They Balance the Immune System. They Balance our Chakras.

The Pleiadians are the main interaction group with us on planet Earth, but they and other Cosmic Civilizations of Light use these Tachyons as their basic Source of Energy.

For example, as Hyperdrive Energy Source for their Spaceships by creating Hyperspace Wormholes, but they also use it for Healing and for Information, Transmission and [in] Star Trek, they referred to them as Subspace and Transmissions.

~ Dr. Joseph McNamara 💜

with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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