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Klein Vision’s Transforming AirCar Makes First Inter-city Flight

Should the AirCar go into production, pilots will be able to hop between city airports, land on the runway and then drive to their final destination – all using the same vehicle

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Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet Concept Reduces Fuel Consumption by 70%

SE Aeronautic’s new SE200 prototype takes a disruptive approach to every metric in ultra-wide-body aircraft design and performance. The tri-wing design, with a double tail fin and two engines mounted to the rear, will be able to accommodate 264 passengers, but will consume 70 percent less fuel than a similar-sized jet.

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Update on Secret Space Program TR-x “Black Triangle” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft (12-3-2020)

The TR-3 Astra is a single model in a series of spacecraft of the “TR” designation. Other newly-disclosed models include the “TR-4 Dart” and “TR-6 Telos”, both of which use photo-chemical cloaking technology.

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