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Strange Plane Stopped in Mid Air in Chicago! Glitch in Matrix?

Strange Plane Stopped in Mid Air in Chicago ! Glitch in Matrix?

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Update on Secret Space Program TR-x “Black Triangle” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft (12-3-2020)

The TR-3 Astra is a single model in a series of spacecraft of the “TR” designation. Other newly-disclosed models include the “TR-4 Dart” and “TR-6 Telos”, both of which use photo-chemical cloaking technology.

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CIA Claims Most UFO Sightings Were Area 51 Spy Planes

When current and former CIA employees got together to talk about the Area 51 military base at a public forum, it was inevitable that the topic of UFOs would come up. It did and the former CIA staffers held their ground on old claims of most UFO sightings being spy planes.

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