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Healing Needed for Humans, Reptilians, Annunaki & Other ET Races

To undergo this healing, we starseeds will be called upon to undertake the super-human feat. Somehow we must get past all wrongdoing and move on.

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Secret Space Program (SSP), Solar Warden, Antarctica, MUFON, Annunaki,

“I’ve spent the last few years making videos regarding these issues as well as my personal experiences with all of them. I advise you awaken yourself to your full potential as soon as possible to help you make your important decisions, gain your new understandings, quickly. “

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Super Soldier Johan Fritz – Kruger Corps, Mars Defense Force (MDF), Nacht Waffen “Dark Fleet”, Lunar Operations Command (LOC) & Secret Space Force (SSP)

Johan Fritz was in the Marine Corps and he was picked up from Diego Garcia and then recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger officer at LOC. From there he was transferred into the Mars Defense Force and later…

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12 Star Nations: Twelve Original Ancestors – Only Two of Which Are Human


Click the original article link here >>> TWELVE ORIGINAL ANCESTORS ONLY TWO OF WHICH ARE HUMAN This is only an excerpt of the original article link published here: GALACTIC FACETS Source: Gracious courtesy of Julie Ryder – THANK YOU! This info is so very important! Star Nations News℠ Editor: This information ties in directly with the “12 Star Nations” mentioned

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