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CIA Report: People Leave Their Physical Bodies to Travel Through Space & Time Using Gateway Experience

TikTok users have uncovered a bewildering CIA report from nearly four decades ago which describes the agency’s belief that humans can transcend space and time using a technique called the Gateway Experience.

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Space Force Plans to Nearly Triple in Size in Second Year, Could Accept Army, Navy Transfers

Gen. Jay Raymond, the chief of Space Operations, will officially become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sunday when the Space Force marks its one year anniversary. The space chief told reporters that he was optimistic about his plans to grow the force from about 2,400 active-duty troops to about 6,400 by the end of 2021.

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High-ranking US Army Officer Confirms 57 Alien Species Look Like Us & Walk Among Us (video)

Back in 2001 on May 9th, a meeting was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC where the representatives talked about everything there is to talk about, starting with UFOs and going all the way into the possibility of alien life forms living among us.

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Army Whistleblower Revelations, Huge Structures under the Earth – June 17, 2020

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See the original article here: June 12, 2020 – AAAS Science Journal article on Ultra Low Velocity Zone frequencies – huge structures at core-mantle boundary – huge structure 621 mile in diameter – huge structures under Africa – “these are among the largest things inside the earth, and we have no idea”. June 12, 2020 – AAAS Science Journal article

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U.S. Army to Spend $500 Million Training Soldiers to Fight Underground

See the original article here: U.S. Army to Spend $500 Million Training Soldiers to Fight Underground The DOD will provide $572 million to train and equip 26 of its 31 active combat brigades to fight in large-scale subterranean areas—such as sewers or railway systems—that exist beneath dense urban areas around the world. newsweek.com SNN Editor: An older article. Nevertheless very

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Growing Tomorrow’s Army Space Operations Officers

Growing tomorrow’s Army space operations officers

SNN Editor’s Note: Actually the Army has been involved in space operations for decades, under the various guises of the deep state’s space operations including the Secret Space Force (SSP). To learn more about this, make certain to do a search on this site for the term Secret Space Program and military industrial complex. Space operations officers who achieve the

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