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Med Beds & Healing Tech Developed at the Moon? – Michael Salla

“On September 11, I received an important update concerning the impending public release of advanced healing technologies that are being mass produced on the Moon, as a result of the Jupiter Agreements involving military and space program officials from 14 nations and cutting-edge aerospace companies that occurred back in July. The update was given by Val Nek, a High Commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds who took part in the Jupiter Agreements, according to Megan Rose who relayed Val Nek’s intel.”

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Plans for a Star Trek Future Began with US Navy in the 1950s – Michael Salla

“The creation of a multinational space alliance, the Artemis Accords, intervention by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and an unknown Temporal War involving the Earth, Moon and Mars are among some of the recent space developments relevant to an unfolding Star Trek future for humanity.”

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Update: Galactic Federation Assistance & Solar System – Michael Salla (Page Loads Slowly)

Elena Danaan gives a comprehensive update on ongoing “Galactic Federation of Worlds” intervention on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos and recent diplomatic meetings on Jupiter, which handed over responsibility of the solar system to a consortium of space faring nations making up the Artemis Accords.

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Russia Just Released a Visual ‘Road Map’ of Its Lunar Base With China

Russia and China jointly revealed a new roadmap for their collaborative moon ambitions on Wednesday, called the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), which depicts guidance for the ongoing development of the two nations’ plans for the lunar surface.

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‘Star Trek’ & The Future of Space Travel – Michael Salla

Dr. Michael Salla is a pioneer in the development of exopolitics and known for revealing US government policies on ET life. In this broadcast, he discusses possible futures for space travel– the optimal being a ‘Star Trek’ future involving countries with space programs collaborating in civil, military, and commercial affairs in space.

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The Space Resources Debate Pivots From Asteroids to the Moon

The interest in space resources, though, persists, although with a different destination in mind: the Moon. The reinvigoration of lunar exploration through NASA’s Artemis program, as well as the space programs of China and other nations, has brought new attention to lunar resources, notably water ice at the poles that could sustain future lunar bases and fuel—literally—exploration of the Moon and beyond.

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