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The Underground Awakening – Nicole Frolick

“This message came through immediately after my live yesterday! It’s an important reminder for us all!”

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Truths Coming Out Worldwide of the True Nature of the Global Situation! – Janine Morigeau

“Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into the world situation with the global tyranny taking place! Truths are coming out, are the people finally waking up enough to stop the over totalitarianism that is taking place everywhere? With more and more coming out, can THEY continue to hide the truth?”

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The Journey from 2021 to 2022 – Amanda Ellis

“An unexpected message from Archangel Metatron looking at two points in time – September 2021 and the coming Piscean Full Moon and 12 months time taking us to 10th September 2022. A corridor exists of accelerated passageway to a new dimensional reality – we can elongate it or concertina it – i.e. how humanity behaves over the next 6-12 months affects whether we arrive sooner or later into New Earth energies.”

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The Paradigm Shift of Control to Surrender – Nicole Frolick

“This message came through instantly while writing to one of you in my alcheme discord and I was told to put the message out immediately. There is something many of us may not be seeing about the global control when it comes to the greater lesson on our personal level.”

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Tony Rodrigues: Interlocking Codes & Memories – Nicole Frolick

“Tony Rodrigues returns to the show to go deeper into memory recall and utilizing the information he has to form his purpose. We’re going to discuss dreaming, memory fragmentation, and some of the pitfalls some people are being guided into unknowingly.”

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