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Update: Galactic Federation Assistance & Solar System – Michael Salla (Page Loads Slowly)

Elena Danaan gives a comprehensive update on ongoing “Galactic Federation of Worlds” intervention on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos and recent diplomatic meetings on Jupiter, which handed over responsibility of the solar system to a consortium of space faring nations making up the Artemis Accords.

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Elena Danaan: Abductions, Galactic Federation, ET Races, Secret Space Programs – Ileana

“I had a lovely Interview with the beautiful and talented Elena Danaan, who is the author of “Gift from the Stars” In the interview we discussed everything from ET abduction, Galactic Federation of Worlds, Ashtar Galactic Command, dangers of channeling, Atlantis, Antarctica, and the Secret Space Programs.”

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Ashtar Sheran With a Brief Message for Those on Planet Earth

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I am Ashtar Sheran with a brief message for those on Planet Earth. We have already won the war. Everything is now in place to overturn your economies to become GESARA compliant. Everything is in place to replace your governments. Everything is in place to revitalize your medical systems. […] Ashtar Sheran See more about this here: See more of

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