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My Ayahuasca Chronicles Part 3 | Episode 18 – Geraldine Johns-Putra

I discuss how I integrated my experience of taking ayahuasca after returning from Peru in 2017. I had several twists and turns on the path to aligning my purpose, that involved initially throwing myself into my work, later changing direction and transforming my legal practice and finally leaving my job to work on my own.

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Being Simply Beautiful – Theo du Plessis

Stuff everywhere! Bags, clothes, cars, iPads. We love our stuff. And over time, we’ve come to believe that this ‘stuff’ is what defines who we are. But our possessions will never fully satisfy the inmost desires of our soul. They never have. And they are not about to start. In fact, most of the time, it distract us from the very things that bring meaning to our lives.

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Extremely Positive World Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future. See the video notes provided, typed up courtesy of Star Nations News℠.

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