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Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News

While many enlightened light warriors and way-showers are fully aware that Gaia and her many inhabitants are undergoing an evolution not seen before elsewhere in the universe, relatively few know that that the other Star Nations are likewise going through their own form of evolution along with Gaia.

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Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

During the interim since the above last Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects report published in May 2020 (with information relayed by Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation) several other reports have issued. The new reports below from Lisa are preceded by reports from Star Nations News℠ Editor John Helios, including contacts from new ET races that have come to Earth and made themselves known.

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Upcoming Telecomm Tech (6G/7G?) May Already Be Disclosed in ET Communication

In a previous post (linked below) we see that a certain telecomm technology was provided in some detail via a telepathic conversation with an Alysseum ET. The technology disclosed in this conversation bears a striking similarity with what is rumored to be an upcoming (6G?) communication technology, purported to be a true game-changer in the telecomm industry.

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