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‘Watch What I Do to Big Tech This Week’ – Trump’s Warning to Companies That Banned Him (June 25, 2021)

“Do you think it’s time to break up Big Tech?” former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grennell asked Trump. “Well, watch next week, because you will see me do something about Big Tech,” he responded. “And people have wanted me to do it a long time.”

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Quantum Computing: a Key Ally for Meeting Business Objectives

Quantum computing: A key ally for meeting business objectives

In the business world, the opportunities for applying quantum technology relate to optimization: solving difficult business problems, reconfiguring complex processes, and understanding correlations between seemingly disparate data sets. The main purpose of quantum computing is to carry out computationally costly operations in a very short period of time, while […] technologyreview.com See more about this here: Quantum computing: A key

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