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Rebooting Consciousness & QFS with Lucy Davis – Charlie Ward

They give a run-down on the QFS. Discussion of QFS begins at 10:30.

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Consciousness Transfer Technology

While mainstream medicine is highly sceptical of this phenomenon, Pearsall cited experiments demonstrating a consciousness transfer between simple-celled organisms. He also shares a heart-breaking story about a child’s transplanted heart, how consciousness differs from reincarnation, and what happened when racially prejudiced people received organs from another race.

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Controversial New Theory Says Human Consciousness Is … Electromagnetic?

MRI study reveals all mammals, including humans, share equal brain connectivity

Could the thorny question of human consciousness be answered by simple electromagnetic waves? One improbably dualist scientist believes so, and he suggests the human mind is a combination of physical matter and electromagnetic field. This is a big question, and the proposed answer here is controversial.

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Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy Update: Aluna Ash

Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy Update

#Awakening #June #Activation This activation is a Greater Awakening of the Planetary Consciousness within & fueling a greater desire for Self Expression & equality within collective- Healing & Rise of the Divine Mother/Feminine in all (emotions, beliefs, Heart, self expression, sensuality, soul, subconscious…) It is the beginning of major […] See more at: Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy

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The Ardinian ETs – 17th Dimension Beings

They show themselves as a large shard of light but choose to stay in a group consciousness as this keep their vibration high and focussed here as they’ve had to lower their vibration to connect with gaia and humanity. Direct information given by the Ardinian – Palor. Information provided via Aluna Kay31 December 2019 *** Stay up to date on

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Video: Trump is an A.I. Hosted in a Human Body

“In this 2017 video, long-time researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Cambodian Pol Pot regime survivor Dr. Kosol Ouch. Ouch relates his interaction in a dream with what he claims is a benevolent AI named “IBM Watson”, which came from the future (about 2026) to prevent a malevolent (not good) AI inhabited by the body of Donald Trump from creating a dystopian future marked by planet-wide thought control. The Donald Trump AI was originally planted by and/or influenced by a negative AI that was attempting to take over the earth’s inhabitants.

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