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The Evolution of Consciousness Through Disruption – Eckhart Tolle

In this video, Eckhart explains the relationship between disruptions and the evolution of consciousness.

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The Coming Consciousness Shift Has Many Incarnating From Other Star Systems – Michael Jaco

Sherri: “My mission is to assist in the elevation of the planet by empowering one person at a time to tap into their true potential, by discovering their innate ability to heal their mind body and soul. I work to coach individuals to embrace and love themselves, leading to transformational freedom.”

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Consciousness Transfer Technology

While mainstream medicine is highly sceptical of this phenomenon, Pearsall cited experiments demonstrating a consciousness transfer between simple-celled organisms. He also shares a heart-breaking story about a child’s transplanted heart, how consciousness differs from reincarnation, and what happened when racially prejudiced people received organs from another race.

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Controversial New Theory Says Human Consciousness Is … Electromagnetic?

MRI study reveals all mammals, including humans, share equal brain connectivity

Could the thorny question of human consciousness be answered by simple electromagnetic waves? One improbably dualist scientist believes so, and he suggests the human mind is a combination of physical matter and electromagnetic field. This is a big question, and the proposed answer here is controversial.

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