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Has U.S. Space Command Received Advanced Tech From Galactic Federation? – Michael Salla

“The Galactic Federation of Worlds is sharing advanced technologies with the US Space Command to prevent future infiltration by hostile extraterrestrials according to the latest update by one of two known ‘contactees’ working with the Federation.”

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Past, Present & Future Communications with E.T. Intelligence Explained

As we approach open disclosure of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth, the next logical question will be “how do we understand and communicate with intelligent ET races?” Evidence shows, however, that some ETs have already been preparing humanity for environmental changes and open ‘contact’ for many decades.

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Story Of ‘Star People’ By Indian Elder & Alien Ship Crashed In 1945, Rescued By Mothership After Months

Dr. Clarke learned about ‘Star People’ from her grandmother when she used to tell ancient legends of Cherokee people. She spent her childhood hearing stories about the origins of the indigenous people of America, Pleiades, and her ancestors who still carry the DNA of Star People.

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Encounter with ET’s from Boötes Constellation… They Took Me Onboard Their Craft – Debbie Solaris

Debbie Solaris was not a person who believed in E.T.s until she had a contact experience that changed everything about her. After the encounter she discovered that she was left with enhanced psychic abilities and the capacity to tap into the Akashic Records.

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