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Stories Out of This World: Alex Collier & Elena Danaan

“This is the merging of two timelines, two stories into one, the Jedi and the Padawan, two contactees sharing a simple conversation…out of this world.”

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ET-Human Hybridization Underway Since 1990s – Barbara Lamb

Certified hypnotherapist, regression therapist and crop circle researcher Barbara Lamb discusses the alien presence here on Earth and how many people are experiencing visitations and medical examinations. Barbara specialises in hypnotic regression therapy with people who experience encounters with extra-terrestrial beings.

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ET Contact, Past Lives, Shamanic Spears & Consciousness – Apolla Asteria

Apolla Asteria is an artist working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California as a SAG affiliated actress, a reporter, and the guitarist for the multi- award winning 432hz frequency band; The Siren. She is also the artist/creator of Shaman Spears, uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself.

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