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Man awes internet with footage of Pixies

In this particular video, he takes us to his first sighting of pixies.

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Military Space Operations & A Tale of Hybrid Spiders – Jason Rice

During his deployment on Callidus 3, the planet was invaded by a massive and terrifying alien species that Jason Rice refers to as a hybrid spider. He describes what they looked like, how they moved, and how they perceived their environment despite their lack of eyes. More importantly, he discusses why these creatures were created.

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The Indigenous Species of Mars – Randy Cramer

What happens if someone dies during the 20 & Back? This is something Emery Smiths asks, as we delve deeper into the details of the various missions which have taken Randy Cramer to other worlds. We glean insights into the psionic nature of the indigenous beings on Mars, how they communicate, and the unusual nature of their lifecycle. He also describes the environmental suits, different vehicles and propulsion systems that he used. The information revealed is nothing less than spectacular.

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Watch: Security Camera Films ‘Baby Dinosaur’ Dashing Past Florida Home

A woman in Florida believes that her home security system captured footage of a baby dinosaur dashing through her yard. According to a local media report, the strange scene unfolded outside the residence of Cristina Ryan in the city of Palm Coast. Early one morning last week, she says, her security picked up the presence of something in her yard and began filming.

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