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Super Soldier Talk: Ileana & the Antarctica Breakaway Civilizations – James Rink

Today we have a special guest Ileana, who is a certified Crystal Healer, Teacher, Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer, and an Intuitive. She is also a SSP experiencer and has spent 60 years off world in the cybernetic labs on Mars, Planetary Corporations, and Nacht Waffen on the cleanup crew.

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13 Crystal Skulls of Atlantis & Catalyst to Higher Consciousness – Joshua Shapiro

13 Crystal Skulls of Atlantis & Catalyst to Higher Consciousness, 5-D Joshua Shapiro

The Crystal Skulls Explorers, Mysterious, Mystical & Magical Crystal Skulls from Around The World, Different Timelines, Different Cultures, Different Locations these amazing Crystal Skulls have been found. What do these mysterious objects offer the Earth, Humanity & Consciousness ?

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