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Secret Cloning Programs – You Cannot Tell The Difference Between Us & Them

Emery Smith discusses his exposure to different cloning and 3D printing technologies that are used to create everything from organs and entire bodies.

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Super Soldier Penny Bradley – Secret Space Program (SSP) Dark Fleet Pilot

Penny Bradley shares her 20 year and back Secret Space Program experiences in the Martian militia, Nacht Waffen as a pilot on the Valkyrie, Montauk Project, Life on Mars, Regen Tanks, Mars Net, Smart Suits, cyborg prisoners, space life forms, remember codes, this and much more.

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Super Soldier Adrian Espinoza Channels Lincoln Clay / Shapeshifting, Hitler’s Clone

Today Adrian will be channeling Lincoln Clay to learn about Project Linear, Project Camelot, Sargent Crow A.K.A. Sheriff Robert Kelly, time portal technology, M.O.B. Shapeshifting Process, Project 13 Cube, A.I. memory cords, James Jackson, Adolf Hitler’s Clone, Project Abandonment, and much more.

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Human Chimera, Underground Bases, Earth’s Colonization Program From Space Travelers – Bill Birnes

Insight-HXMT Discovers Closest High-Speed Relativistic Jet to Black Hole

Click the original article link here >>> Human Chimera, Underground Bases, Earth’s Colonization Program From Space Travelers, Bill Birnes Human Chimera, Underground Bases, Earth’s Colonization Program From Space Travelers, Bill Birnes Source: Leak Project

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Rebecca Rose – Mars Colony Corp & Lunar Ops Command, Secret Space Program Cyborg Asset

Rebecca is multi-dimensional galactic experiencer working as an energy intuitive, seer and channel. As a lifelong abductee, she was taken to work in dark government programs as a child, a path that was facilitated by her father’s top secret military clearance.

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Peter the Insider – Shaw House, Mars Colony Corp Continuation, USS ARC CORP, Cyborgs

Peter the Insider with us to follow up about the Shaw House, Mars Colony Corporation, ARC CORP Planetary Corporations, and cyberization of abductees. Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations.

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Reporter: Democrats Privately Say Biden is Lacking ‘Mental Acuity’

Reporter: Democrats privately say Biden is lacking 'mental acuity'

SNN Editor: Some say Biden is not Biden: That by comparing photographs of him from various sources over time, there are marked differences in facial features, especially with his ear lobes appearing attached to his face, while at other times his ear lobes are not attached. This seems to suggest that Biden’s handlers are using doubles for him, or even clones or cyborgs.

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