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Underground Bases at Sandia, Groom Lake & Dulce – John Lear

All across the world are vast underground complexes connected by highspeed rail systems that are home to specialized compartmentalized programs. John Lear has personal contact with individuals who worked in places like these, such as Sandia and Dulce.

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July 24th 2020: POTUS Runs Operation Against [DS]. [email protected] Sends Shockwaves

And We Known — July 24th 2020: POTUS Runs OPERATION Against [DS]. DECL@S Sends Shockwaves. (Video)

The preceding information is an update from one of the many alternative media persons driven to help humanity by providing important information. Updates of this sort, as cursory as they are, help individuals feel connected to the greater works taking place at this time

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July 27th 2020: The U.S. is Now a Failed State and What to do About It – Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford — July 27th 2020: (SUMMER BREAK EDITION) The U.S. is Now a Failed State and What to do About It

The undeclared bankruptcy of the United States of America Corporation on February 16th and the subsequent chaos is a sign to the world that the U.S. under its current management is a failed state. This week we will look at how this came about and what to do about the situation.

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