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MUFONs Jan Harzan Arrested, Infiltration & POTUS Briefed: ‘Roswell = Humans in the Future’? WTF?

MUFONs Jan Harzan Arrested, Q-munity Infiltration & POTUS Briefed 'Roswell = Us in the Future'? WTF?

Jan Harzan, director of MUFON arrested, Qanon movement infiltration. Alliance Updates and POTUS Roswell Briefings that discuss time-traveling humans.

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Recommended: 4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools – Stillness in the Storm

(Justin Deschamps) We’ve all heard how important discernment is. In an age of deception, seeking the truth with wisdom is essential—it’s a survival skill. The pros use established methods of discerning that we would greatly benefit from understanding, marrying logic with intuition to form a coherent toolset for meeting the challenges of belief that life has to offer. I’ll show

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