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Pentagon’s Leaked UFO Sightings, NBC News April 15, 221

Pentagon’s leaked UFO sightings, NBC News 15/04/21..Disclosure is near. 👽

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How the Pentagon Started Taking UFOs Seriously – New Yorker

“On May 9, 2001, Steven M. Greer took the lectern at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of the truth about unidentified flying objects. Greer, an emergency-room physician in Virginia and an outspoken ufologist, believed that the government had long withheld from the American people its familiarity with alien visitations.

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Former Canadian National Defense Minister Blows the Lid off UFO Secrecy

His tenure gave him the skill set and contacts necessary to begin unravelling a decades-old web of deception and disinformation concerning the influence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet’s governments. He is now working to persuade our governments to level with us.

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Space Force: Our Star Trek Future – Book 6 in Secret Space Program (SSP) Series – Michael Salla

Today, the emergence of Space Force, signing of the Artemis Accords, and creation of NATO’s Space Center promise to be the fulcrum for ushering in this Star Trek scenario. Such a future is not assured however due to the existence of uncooperative rival space programs of China and Russia. Could one or both launch a Space Pearl Harbor that could devastate the entire US GPS system, as predicted 20 years ago by a blue-ribbon Space Commission?

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UNIversal DISClosure 2020 HD 3D. The Most Interesting Video On Earth. (Q)onstruct Of Reality?

Something I read a while back that I really relate to right now – paraphrasing: “I have the ability to communicate and or be a conduit for energies and beings beyond this dimension. The imagery of my work has led me to a deeper appreciation of the world we live in and the worlds beyond this world that are interconnected.

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