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靈氣療癒者和《龍之道治愈》的精神顧問 Jodie 討論了她作為銀河系大家庭成員的根源,該家族曾協助她來到地球執行任務。 她還介紹了自己作為爬行動物與人類的混合體不斷發現的過程,以及她的其他背景和經驗。 提到醫學床技術以及蓋亞(地球)進化過程中以前的黑暗生物如何轉變為光明。

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SSP Alliance Updates Resume – Dark Fleet, Earth, Moon & Mars Briefings – Michael Salla

The situation in our solar system is one of heavy repression and lockdowns as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) is interrogating personnel to find saboteurs and infiltrators from the SSP Alliance.

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Special Report: Mars Liberation War is Underway! – Michael Salla

According to Elena, the Galactic Federation has begun helping liberate Mars from the influence of the Draconians and Orions by supporting indigenous Martians with supplies, weapons, and tactical information. The Federation has also been assisting a local resistance movement that exists in the human colonies that have been established on Mars.

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