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Indigenous Prophecy About the Reunion of the Condor & Eagle (Video)

Below is a video of indigenous leaders and elders sharing and explaining the current transitional time that we are living in. There have been wounds of injustice, of oppression, of colonization, of greed, of superstition, all those things which injure the human heart. At the same time there’s been no way for this to be expressed,

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The Eagle and the Old Paradigm of Perception

Under the old dark paradigm the Eagle was very powerful and huge. Basically his job was to fly into infinity, but in so doing he had a horrible job. His job was to consume the awareness and the experiences that every single living creature in this world had upon the moment of their death. So, whenever somebody died, they would leave Earth and fly out into space to where the Eagle was at that moment, and fly into his beak where he would consume their awareness and their life experiences.

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