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Underground Bases at Sandia, Groom Lake & Dulce – John Lear

All across the world are vast underground complexes connected by highspeed rail systems that are home to specialized compartmentalized programs. John Lear has personal contact with individuals who worked in places like these, such as Sandia and Dulce.

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Advance Technology Gained from E.T Civilizations – John Lear

John Lear has access to the people who worked to reverse-engineer technology gained from civilizations originating on other worlds. Despite attempts to conceal these special projects, he reveals that a great deal of technology from other worlds has made it into the hands of powerful aerospace corporations that will do anything to keep their secrets.

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The Indigenous Species of Mars – Randy Cramer

What happens if someone dies during the 20 & Back? This is something Emery Smiths asks, as we delve deeper into the details of the various missions which have taken Randy Cramer to other worlds. We glean insights into the psionic nature of the indigenous beings on Mars, how they communicate, and the unusual nature of their lifecycle. He also describes the environmental suits, different vehicles and propulsion systems that he used. The information revealed is nothing less than spectacular.

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Inner and Extra Terrestrial Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Emery Smith

During his inner earth missions, Emery Smith was tasked with taking samples from the myriad of plants flourishing in the subterranean climates. What he found, is that there is more life on our planet than we could ever imagine, and the diversity of that life that expands exponentially the deeper we go below the surface.

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