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Biden Hands Over Control of America’s Power Grid to Communist China

Hunter’s dad has already revoked an executive order signed by President Donald Trump that barred communist China and other hostile foreign entities from gaining access to America’s power grid.

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6 Warning Signs From Biden’s First Week In Office

Biden has now signed at least 37 executive orders in his first week. The record for any President, and more than the previous four presidents combined. What do these orders, or any of his other moves, tell us about the future plans of the recently “elected” administration? Nothing good, unfortunately.

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Secret Presidential Memorandum Issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies

According to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, President Donald Trump issued a highly classified Memorandum soon after his January 20th inauguration ordering the release of group of classified patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies.

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Trump Signs Executive Order on Safe Policing

Trump slated to give briefing on policing at noon

See the original article here: Trump slated to give briefing on policing at noon President Donald Trump (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images) WASHINGTON (WCMH/CNN NEWSSOURCE)– President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a briefing Tuesday at noon on policing in the United States. It is expected he will also sign an executive order aimed at adding resources nontraditional

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Trump Preparing EO That Pushes ‘The Opposite’ of Defunding Police

Trump preparing executive order that pushes 'the opposite' of defunding police

See the original article here: Trump preparing executive order that pushes ‘the opposite’ of defunding police President Donald Trump said he is finalizing an executive order to encourage police departments to adopt the “most current professional standards for the use of force” instead of defunding the police as many on the left desire. He outlined the goal of this executive

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