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In Iceland “‘Respect the Elves – or Else”

If you want to lay a road, build a house, or construct a dam in Iceland, there’s one influential group you have to clear it with first – elves.

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The Faerie Realm, Lemura & Your Ascension

The Faeries are essentially what you are BEcoming. They dwell in the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions, and at times those of you who are there in the fourth are able to perceive them, but they do stay in that Higher Vibrational State while inviting you to join them in the Playfulness, in the Freedom, in the Joy that is the Fifth-Dimensional Frequency Range.

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Deprogramming Our Perception of the ETs

As more mass disclosure approaches, I have to remind us that we’ve been taught to perceive ETs as haphazardly arranged or grotesque beings existing in physical form. While indeed some of them appear this way, from experience (both mine and that of many other contactees), they exist many times in energetic form. And as time goes on, we begin to

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