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“Future by Design” – Official Full Movie

A film about the designs of Dr. Jacques Fresco by William Gazecki (2006).

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Possible Near-Future World Scenarios (November 2020)

How the technology behind airplane wifi could help connect everyone on Earth.

…an entire city was being rewired and renovated, new lights coming on in whole regions, but Guides said the renovation was still under way and the cityscape still set to change…renovations on the city itself weren’t due to be complete until March of ’21.

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Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Postponed U.S. Presidential Election

Super Soldier Talk - Jay Essex - Cranks Up's, Annunakis, and Milabs - November 24, 2013

See the video here: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Postponed U.S. Presidential Election Woke up in the middle of a Tornado/hurricane today, metaphysically.I also forgot to mention that, at this moment, the November 2020 Presidential Election doesn’t exist in our time line.I should have mentioned that a few videos ago. Respect yourselves as I respect you.Be who you really are inside.Screw any

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