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Fake Biden Regime Begs China for Money as 9/30 Payments Deadline Looms – Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford — August 10th 2020: UFO Disclosure shows Elite Planning to follow up on Fake Pandemic with Fake Alien Invasion

“The fake U.S. regime of the rubber-masked impostor “President” Joe Biden is in serious trouble. They face a September 30th payments deadline they cannot meet. “

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Von Braun & Life on Mars – Clark McClelland

New study asserts that life could have begun on Mars and later headed to Earth

“NASA whistleblower Clark McClelland first met Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1959 and their paths crossed many times between then and 1966. A friendship developed when both men were working on NASA’s Saturn 1 mission. Journalist Mary Joyce joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss McClelland’s memoirs, and what they reveal about von Braun’s knowledge of extraterrestrial races and life on Mars.”

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‘Dark Fleet’ & Antarctica – Michael Salla

“Preceding the United States’ own secret programs, Salla went on, were those of the Nazi regime, which were moved from Germany to Antarctica. The most infamous of the German programs was the Dark Fleet, he explained, which was reported to have launched a flyover operation in Washington, D.C. in 1952. “

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People Protest Worldwide – Truckers Strike Against Tyrannical Measures! – Janine Morigeau

“Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into the current situation in the world and the tyrannical measure being imposed upon the people! People are protesting everywhere! France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK and countries in Asia! Truckers in Australia and the US on strike! “

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Plans for a Star Trek Future Began with US Navy in the 1950s – Michael Salla

“The creation of a multinational space alliance, the Artemis Accords, intervention by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and an unknown Temporal War involving the Earth, Moon and Mars are among some of the recent space developments relevant to an unfolding Star Trek future for humanity.”

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Crazy Measures & Restrictions – Globalist DS Panic Ramps Up – Beginnings of Their Collapse? – Janine Morigeau

Janine does a reading looking into the current situation in the world and how the globalist agenda is beginning to collapse! Is this why they are panicking with increased restrictions, new variations and more clap downs on people’s freedom? Are things building up and are the people going to see?

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