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Tier 4 Economic Reset, CCP Going Down – Cirsten W

“Tier 4” refers to level of notification (secret vs public) that the global currency reset (GCR) activities has gone into. Tier 4 is a level of higher-end people (or bank entities) who will be tasked with disseminating “street-level” info to Tier 5 people (general public)

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MUST SEE: Quantum Financial System (QFS) & Global Currency Reset (GCR), NESARA / GESARA, St. Germain Trust

Trump’s Economic Advisor Advocates Return To Gold Standard In A “Crypto Way”

The future of money is now. Crypto like Ripple XRP will change the world. Get ready for the (GCR) Global Financial Reset and (QFS) Quantum Financial System before everyone else. ALL Banks worldwide are moving to crypto right now.

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GCR & Financial Reset Underway! – John Helios

Golden sovereign: Which countries have the most gold reserves?

This is your Star Nations News Chief Editor & Founder John Helios. I had a dream this morning, which bodes for good global financial things underway that many of us have been awaiting for years. I will share it with you now… (This is regarding the upcoming GCR (global currency reset), RV (revaluation), and NESARA / GESARA, which you can learn about more by looking up these terms on this website.

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