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Update on False UFO Disclosure – Steven Greer

Luis Elizondo, who Greer describes as a “professional disinformation agent putting out false intelligence about the UFO matter through the mainstream media.”

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How the Pentagon Started Taking UFOs Seriously – New Yorker

“On May 9, 2001, Steven M. Greer took the lectern at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of the truth about unidentified flying objects. Greer, an emergency-room physician in Virginia and an outspoken ufologist, believed that the government had long withheld from the American people its familiarity with alien visitations.

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The Hybrid Podcast – Every Galaxy is Welcome & No Species is Denied

The Hybrid Podcast

The Podcast Where Every Galaxy is Welcome, and No Species is Denied. Come On Over and take a listen. Peace, Love, and Light. On Ep. 2 Of the Hybrid Podcast, Your Host Skitz the PLK Speaks about the ups and Downs Of Telling your Family and Friends about your Experiences as well as giving a S/O to World UFO Day. There is also a link to a CE-5 Mediation from Dr. Steven Greer and in This Ep. The track is called Love More. Peace Love and Light you Beautiful Beings.

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