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Urgent Breaking News : Update From Dr. Greer

Dr. Steven Greer discusses how you can be part of the 20th Anniversary of the Disclosure Project National Press Club Event.

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The Hybrid Podcast – Every Galaxy is Welcome & No Species is Denied

The Hybrid Podcast

The Podcast Where Every Galaxy is Welcome, and No Species is Denied. Come On Over and take a listen. Peace, Love, and Light. On Ep. 2 Of the Hybrid Podcast, Your Host Skitz the PLK Speaks about the ups and Downs Of Telling your Family and Friends about your Experiences as well as giving a S/O to World UFO Day. There is also a link to a CE-5 Mediation from Dr. Steven Greer and in This Ep. The track is called Love More. Peace Love and Light you Beautiful Beings.

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UFO’s, Consciousness & Meditation

UFO's, Consciousness, and Meditation

Dr. Greer illustrates why CE-5 techniques are more effective in a group setting. #DrStevenGreer #CE5 #Meditation Presented by Dr. Steven Greer. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (narrated by Jeremy Piven) features groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from prominent figures such as Adam […] See more at: UFO’s, Consciousness, and Meditation

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