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Randy Veitenheimer: Time Travel, Space, Energy & Healing, Source Field Generators

In the Randy Veitenheimer interview he discussed the concepts of how time and space work on different levels and dimensions in connection with time travel, how energy and healing happens, and how source field generators are created and their applications.

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Keloran & Serienx ET’s Offering Ancient Trauma Healing / Reprogramming

This message comes from our beloved lightwarrior sister Lisa F, who has contributed significantly to the ongoing great news about Gaia’s ascension lately. The ET race she refers to below was introduced recently in the report Introducing the Serienx & Keloran ET’s.

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Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

During the interim since the above last Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects report published in May 2020 (with information relayed by Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation) several other reports have issued. The new reports below from Lisa are preceded by reports from Star Nations News℠ Editor John Helios, including contacts from new ET races that have come to Earth and made themselves known.

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Intensive DNA Crank Up Consultation With Jay Essex

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This is a video of A Intensive DNA Crank up consultation. I am putting this on my channel just for future reference of proof that this was done. This video is bursting with heart energy . Words cant explain or describe the joy I feel when watching this video,., Hopefully by me sharing it , will at least give you a good laugh.,. Thanks for watching./.

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Healing of the Earth: Opening the Divine Masculine Solar Portal

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This accounting of a recent Gaia / Earth healing includes “quantum” (out-of-linear-time) memories mentioned mention later.  The reason why I bring this up here is to picque your interest in the concept of quantum phenomena, which will soon become a household word. What is a Planetary Healing? By intending the power of Love and healing toward anyone or

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Gaia Liberation News / 2020-02-13

Below are two testimonials, a recounting of three friends who traveled outward telepathically seeking to help with the ongoing liberation of our Gaia Earth. One testimonial is from Lisa, the other was the collected additional details from me. Much of the work we do is in the abstract, as we are working on the unraveling of old-paradigm events that took

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