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Evolutionary Changes For The Human Species… Are You Prepared? – Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon (1931 – 2014) reveals the new messages coming through her thousands of hypnotherapy clients regarding the changes that are in motion for humanity, specifically, our evolution as a species. What she is being told is that we have two distinctly different outcomes ahead, depending on how we choose to develop our own vibrations.

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ET-Human Hybridization Underway Since 1990s – Barbara Lamb

Certified hypnotherapist, regression therapist and crop circle researcher Barbara Lamb discusses the alien presence here on Earth and how many people are experiencing visitations and medical examinations. Barbara specialises in hypnotic regression therapy with people who experience encounters with extra-terrestrial beings.

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Randy Veitenheimer: Time Travel, Space, Energy & Healing, Source Field Generators

In the Randy Veitenheimer interview he discussed the concepts of how time and space work on different levels and dimensions in connection with time travel, how energy and healing happens, and how source field generators are created and their applications.

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