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A Time for Healing – Patricia Cota Robles

This provides a somewhat energy based explanation of what’s been going on with Earth, humanity and the current ascension.

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ET-Human Hybridization Underway Since 1990s – Barbara Lamb

Certified hypnotherapist, regression therapist and crop circle researcher Barbara Lamb discusses the alien presence here on Earth and how many people are experiencing visitations and medical examinations. Barbara specialises in hypnotic regression therapy with people who experience encounters with extra-terrestrial beings.

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Randy Veitenheimer: Time Travel, Space, Energy & Healing, Source Field Generators

In the Randy Veitenheimer interview he discussed the concepts of how time and space work on different levels and dimensions in connection with time travel, how energy and healing happens, and how source field generators are created and their applications.

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Keloran & Serienx ET’s Offering Ancient Trauma Healing / Reprogramming

This message comes from our beloved lightwarrior sister Lisa F, who has contributed significantly to the ongoing great news about Gaia’s ascension lately. The ET race she refers to below was introduced recently in the report Introducing the Serienx & Keloran ET’s.

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Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

During the interim since the above last Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects report published in May 2020 (with information relayed by Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation) several other reports have issued. The new reports below from Lisa are preceded by reports from Star Nations News℠ Editor John Helios, including contacts from new ET races that have come to Earth and made themselves known.

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