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Jay Essex: Cranks Ups, Annunakis, and MILABs – James Rink

“Listen in as Jay Essex shares his psychic intuition covering many diverse topics including the alien agendas on this planet involving the annunakis, reptilians, plejarens, military abductions and more.”

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Drachk ET D.U.M.B. Removal Ship Spotted Over Denver – Jay Arae Essex

Here’s what’s happening with all the water-spouts getting sucked up into the clouds. Here’s one of 4 locations that Starships, TR-3’s, etc. use to fly through Antarctica to the incredibly huge Ancient Mothership on the ocean floor beneath it.

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Secret Space Program (SSP), Solar Warden, Antarctica, MUFON, Annunaki,

“I’ve spent the last few years making videos regarding these issues as well as my personal experiences with all of them. I advise you awaken yourself to your full potential as soon as possible to help you make your important decisions, gain your new understandings, quickly. “

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